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Regular Mixed Box

GST Included |

The Regular Mixed Box is perfect for the busy family, packed full of value with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. This box serves for the whole family as you are sure to find your favourite fruit and veg in the box.

Ideal for 2 – 4 people

The Box will contain:

Vegetables :  16 item(s)

🥔1 kg Potatoes

🥕 500g Carrots

🥬 Cabbage or Cauliflower ( Half)

🧅2 Red Onions

🧅2 Brown Onions

🎃 Crown Cut Pumpkin ( Half) 

🍅 2 Tomatoes

🍄150g Local Mushrooms

🌽1 Fresh Corn

🥬1 Bunch Bok Choy 

🥦1 Broccoli

🥬1 Leek

🫑1 Capsicum Green

Fruits :  11 item(s)

🍎 2 Red Apple

🍏 2 Apple Granny Smith

🍌 3 Bananas

🍋 2 Lemons

🍊2 Mandarins

Herbs :  2 item(s)

Ginger 50g

Coriander 1 Bunch

*PLEASE NOTE: Some items may be unavailable on the day of delivery and will be swapped for a similar alternative*

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